Al.Con.Press. s.r.l. is a foundry from the Vicenza area that has been specializing since 1984 in the die casting of aluminum and zinc alloys with the horizontal cold chamber method.


This is where the main AlconAir components are born: trough the die casting process of aluminium alloys they work to obtain the mechanical parts which constitute the heart of the air compressors. The staff consists of technicians who work in synergy with the production workers to ensure the high standards that define AlconAir. Very complex fusions are realized with very moderate thickness thanks to the advanced technology and precise die casting geometries.


The molding department consists of modern horizontal cold chamber presses ranging from 400 t to 1150 t, that are equipped with melting furnaces using natural gas.


The finishing department is equipped with a complete range of jet-flushing gear and systems, such as: abrasive blasting machines, tumble finishing, flash trimming presses and belt sanding.


Among the range of services offered by Al.Con.Press. are: design and construction of molds, complete finishing of jet castings, precision machining manufacturing, testing and quality control, with certification of the finished product.